The School’s Bursary Scheme includes both Admissions Bursaries for the parents of new pupils and Hardship / Emergency / Rescue Bursaries for parents whose financial position worsens unexpectedly once their child is already at Red House School.

The Scheme is designed to assist parents or prospective parents on low incomes who for financial reasons might otherwise be unable to send or continue to send their child to the School.

Bursaries are entirely means tested and in order to determine the level of assistance required it is necessary to have a full understanding of the financial position of the family.  Documentary evidence of family income, assets and expenditure (including the number of siblings and expenses related to them) will be required.

Bursaries may be made available to parents/guardians of children in, or entering, the Senior School (Years 7 – 11). However, no bursary can be offered unless/until the applicant has first satisfied the School’s academic requirements in order to be offered a place (for application details please contact Head of Admissions on 01642 558119).  Parents, who will need a bursary to allow their child to attend Red House, if offered a place, are urged to speak to the Head of Finance & Compliance at an early stage and to fill in the bursary application form.  No action will be taken on the form until the academic assessment process is complete.  At that stage the school will consider the bursary application.

Due to the limited financial resources of the School not all applications may be successful.  The amount available for allocation will vary from year to year and consequently the school retains an absolute discretion as to the number of awards each year.

When the school offers places at the school, parents who have applied for bursaries will also receive a response to that application.  Any children who satisfy the school’s academic requirements but are not awarded a bursary will be offered a full fee-paying place.

All bursary applications are treated in the strictest confidence. Pupils will not be made aware that they benefit from a bursary unless informed by their parents.

For further information on Bursaries at Red House School please download the Policy and Application form below or contact the Head of Finance & Compliance on 01642 553370.

Bursary Policy

Bursary Application Form