A sketch of the original Red House School building with the Red House School Alumni logo on top of the drawing

Dear Parents,

It’s been a rather exciting week at Red House….please read on!


Chesterfields House

Some of you may have seen in the press that the planning application for the conversion of Chesterfield House has been successful.  We are now proceeding with the sale of the property to a local developer.  This will allow us to continue with our refurbishment programme and further details are contained in the attached letter from our Chair of School Council.



The letter, which is attached, also outlines our fees for next year.  Thank you for your continued commitment to Red House.


Year 4 in September

I have attached an information sheet to give a little more detail about arrangements for next year to parents with children currently in Year 3.  However, it may also be relevant to parents with younger children, giving a flavour of how the Junior School will run in September and beyond.


PTA Summer Fayre – Saturday 23 June

Don’t forget to come and support this wonderful event.  We’re still looking for:

  • Volunteers to help on the day!
  • Bottles of wine
  • New and unused toys
  • Second hand books

All items can be deposited at either reception.


Alumni Day – Saturday 30 June

We are looking forward to welcoming back a number of former pupils and former members of staff on this day.  Should you know any of our alumni who might be interested in attending, please ask them to email alumni@redhouseschool.co.uk for further details.


I hope you have a lovely weekend.  The end of term is fast approaching and there is much to do.  I’m hoping to re-charge my batteries a little!


With best wishes

Ken James


P&S School Letters

Year 5 Eden Camp Trip – Thursday 21 June 2018 – Mr P Heaton, Mrs R Coverdale

Year 6 Visit to Hadrian’s Wall – Monday 18 June 2018 – Mrs R Jones

Year 7 Residential Trip to Derwentwater – Friday 5 to Sunday 7 October 2018 – Mr P Heaton

Year 8 Visit to Bolton Castle – Friday 15 June 2018 – Mrs R Jones

Years 4-6 Prep Prize Giving – Friday 29 June 2018 – Miss C Thompson

Years 7-11 Senior Prize Giving – Friday 6 July 2018 – Mrs C Blyth

Years 2-8 Summer Sports Camp – 9 July to 4 September 2018 – Mr S Haywood

Letter from the Chair of School Council – 8 May 2018 – Miss V L Duncan


N&I School Letters

Reception End of Year Assembly – Wednesday 4 July 2018 – Mr S Haywood

Years 2 & 3 Red House School PTA Summer Fete – Saturday 23 June 2018 – Mr S Haywood

Year 3 Trip to Murton Park – Monday 2 July 2018 – Mr S Haywood

Years 2-8 Summer Sports Camp – 9 July to 4 September 2018 – Mr S Haywood

Year 4 2018/19 – Mr K James

Letter from the Chair of School Council – 8 June 2018 – Miss V L Duncan

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