It has been wonderful to see so many of you supporting the children in their Christmas endeavours.  I know this has meant three appearances in school in 48 hours for some of you and I would like to thank you for your wonderful commitment to the cause.  We do, of course, still have our carol services to come and I look forward to welcoming you to those services when we remember the true meaning of Christmas and reflect upon our own good fortune.


School Council

Thank you to those parents who attended our AGM on Wednesday.  I’m delighted to announce that members of School Council have elected Miss Victoria Duncan as their next chair.  Victoria was a unanimous choice and I look forward to working with her and members of Council to make Red House the best Red House it can be.  I would also like to thank and say farewell to Vinay Bedi.  Vinay has stepped down as chair after investing significant energy into the school as boy and man.  We are very grateful for his efforts and, on a personal level, I am grateful too: he was instrumental in my appointment!



Given the number of events happening in and after school next week, there will be no co-curricular clubs except Speech & Drama.  This is the case on both sides of the road.


Sports’ Camp – P&S School

The week before Christmas is pretty much full and I am delighted so many children wish to return to school immediately after we break up!  We still have space on Tuesday 3 January and numbers for this must be confirmed before the end of term.  Please address queries/booking to


Tour Kit

At Easter, the school is embarking upon a hockey and netball tour to the Netherlands.  There may be an opportunity for a local company to sponsor some of the tour kit.  Should you know of anyone who might be interested in this, please ask them to get in touch.  Should I be inundated with offers…well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!



The contributions you have made thus far have been gratefully received.  There has been so much giving this year, supporting a number of charities.  Perhaps we have spread ourselves a little too thinly at times and I’m sorry if you’ve been inundated with requests.  We’re certainly going to be looking at a co-ordinated approach to fundraising throughout the year.


Reports – Years 7-10

Historically, at this time of year, we have issued interim reports which merely comprised of a set of ticks.  We do not believe this provided parents with sufficient information and, therefore, each report now contains a target to which your son/daughter can aspire next term.


With respect to progress, this is now reported upon relative to the MidYIS data we hold.  MidYIS is gained from testing the children in Years 7 & 9 using tests set by the University of Durham.  This testing gives a grade for each subject at GCSE.  In essence, it tells you the grade other children achieved at GCSE when they scored an equivalent mark on the MidYIS tests.  It is not a target grade for your child (the children are all different!) but is a benchmark for us to use when assessing the progress of the children.


I should stress that we have always had this data but I have made the decision to share it with you.  I believe we are on a journey together and it will add colour to conversations about your child’s progress.  Please also be aware that we have an excellent record of adding value: i.e. exceeding these MidYIS grades.


I know it all sounds a little complicated.  In essence, if your child is making expected progress they could achieve a GCSE profile similar to the MidYIS grades.  Please contact Mr Makin, our Director of Studies, if you would like to discuss this further; as always, I am also available to do so.


I hope you have a lovely weekend.  I look forward to celebrating the end of my first term with you and the children next week.


With best wishes


Ken James




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