Dear Parents,

It was such a thrill to see all the children in school this week.  The children in the Junior School met me with smiles and were all very excited to be back.  I also took great delight in awarding the prizes for the World Book Day competition; there were some excellent entries.  The children in the Senior School also managed to raise a smile, which was commendable as they waited patiently to be tested!


COVID Testing – Years 7-11

Testing in school is now complete and we have given the children home testing kits, which also contain full instructions.  The children may notice a difference in the swabbing process but they should now follow the guidance in the booklet (4 rotations on each tonsil and 10 rotations up one nostril).  Please can we ask you to test/supervise the children on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening.  You do not need to let us know if your son/daughter tests negative but should tell us immediately if there is a positive result.  Any child testing positive should remain at home and undertake a PCR test. We will happily provide further guidance should you find yourself in this position.  The children do not need to be tested over the Easter holidays but should be tested on Sunday 18 April before returning to school on Monday 19 April.



The children in the Senior school should be congratulated on their adherence to the wearing of masks in lessons.  It’s not the most comfortable experience but they are following the guidance without complaining.  Many thanks to my colleagues too for modelling good practice.


Academic Progress

There is much discussion in the press at the moment about the ‘recovery curriculum’, to address gaps which have developed in the pupils’ learning during remote learning.   Whilst our remote provision has been thorough and we feel our pupils are in a good place, we will not be complacent and just presume gaps do not exist.  We have deliberately chosen not to test the pupils immediately on their return, prioritising their well-being.  Once we have done so we will formulate a plan to target gaps which exist. Our children will undoubtedly benefit from our class sizes, which are small even by independent school standards, and we will consider other forms of intervention which may be necessary.


Sports Camp & Holiday Club

Please note that Sports Camp is now full but there are a few spaces for Holiday Club.  Please contact Mr Haywood if you require a place.


Year 11 Prom – Save the Date

The Year 11 Prom is booked for Thursday 8 July 2021 and will take place at Judges in Kirklevington. The Prefect Team met with Dr Ashcroft this morning to discuss menu choices and the colours for the Year 11 leavers’ hoodies.


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was marked in the Senior School, with a whole-school assembly and a ‘Heads and Tail’ quiz about developments in women’s rights globally in the twentieth century.  It was fantastic that 44 pupils across Years 6-11 were the ‘last people standing’ at the end of the quiz.


Red Nose Day

As Dr Ashcroft mentioned last week, we will be supporting Red Nose Day on Friday 19 March.  We very much look forward to seeing the children in red on both sides of the pond.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother’s Day.


Ken James

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