three children performing at the Mother's Day service

Mother’s Day

It was lovely to see many of you at Mother’s Day services this morning on both sides of the road.  The children, from Reception through to Year 6, sang beautifully and were a credit to their mothers (and fathers!).  I hope the children follow through with their promises to look after you all on Sunday.

Charity – Safe Families for Children

I’ve received a request to support a local charity, Safe Families for Children, this Easter.  If you feel able to donate Easter eggs, Easter treats or Easter craft kits, the charity will put them to good use, helping families less fortunate than our own.  Donations can be left at either reception before the end of term.  There’s also the opportunity to help on the charity’s fun day; details are attached.


Many pupils will be receiving their termly school report today (some have already been dispatched).  In the lower years, up to Year 5, please contact the classroom teacher initially to discuss any concerns you may have.  With pupils in Year 6 and above, please feel free to contact individual teachers.

Should concerns remain, Mr Haywood in the Nursery & Infant School and Mr Makin, our Director of Studies in the Prep & Senior School, are on hand to talk about academic matters.  I will always make myself available too.

In Years 7–9 we have been trialling a target based interim reporting system.  This was conceived last year and implemented in September.  Pupils will have received two interim reports and a full report by the end of the year.  Once we have been through this one year cycle, I will be asking you for feedback on how the new system has worked.  I have some ideas of my own but I would also appreciate feedback from you, our ‘audience’.  Perhaps a short survey will be the best way forward here.

Fashion Show Photographs

Please find below the link to the photos taken at the Fashion Show by Studio8 Photography.  I believe there is no deadline by which orders must be placed and the galleries will stay on their site:

Cricket Nets

You may have spotted two new ‘cages’ on the astro.  Don’t be too alarmed: they are our fantastic new cricket nets.  They will, of course, be used as much as possible by the boys and the girls (for whom cricket is the new rounders!).  The Under 13 girls were runners up in the Durham finals this year – I’m expecting them to go one better now we’ve purchased the nets!


With best wishes

Ken James



Whole School

Easter Appeal Poster


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