PTA AGM – Wednesday 2 October, Race Night – Friday 4 October, Term Dates, Hello Yellow Day – Thursday 10 October, Senior School European Cake Off – Thursday 26 September, CEO Sleepout (Middlesbrough & Stockton) – Monday 11 November, Taster Week – 7-11 October 2019 and Grease

Dear Parents It was such a shame to have to cancel the Whole School photograph this week but the photographers were concerned it would rain during the period of time it takes to assemble the whole school.  Therefore, we will be reconvening in the summer term (before the pupils in Year 11 leave) when weRead More »

Parking, Whole School Photograph – Tuesday 24 September, PTA Race Night – Friday 5 October, PTA AGM and Nominations – Wednesday 2 October, CEO Sleepout (Middlesbrough & Stockton) – Monday 11 November, Senior School European Cake Off – Thursday 26 September, Taster Week – 7-11 October 2019, Grease & Stokesley Show – Saturday 21 September

Ken James Headmaster at Red House School

Dear Parents I spent three days this week inspecting another school on the other side of the Pennines.  Seeing other schools in action always gives me food for thought whilst affirming many of the things we do here.  Rest assured, we will continue to observe and evolve to ensure we’re the best small, yet perfectlyRead More »

90th Anniversary Event, Open Morning and Cleveland Police – Money Mules

Dear Parents It’s been a short week and, therefore, a short Pupil Post seems rather fitting. 90th Anniversary Event We’re very much looking forward to hosting this event next Friday.  There’ll be a BBQ, a drink or two on us, live music and inflatables for the children.  Please remember to confirm your attendance by clickingRead More »

Teacher of English, Tea & Prep, Inspection Report, Planning Application, Bags2School – Monday 10 June, PTA Summer Fete – Saturday 22 June and INCAS tests

Dear Parents It’s lovely to be back in school for what some people feel is the best part of the year.  Prizegivings, sports days and, hopefully, sunny playtimes all add to the positivity around school at this time of year. Teacher of English Mr Mike Brown will be retiring at Christmas 2019 after working atRead More »