Two pupils wearing the new sample sports kit for Red House School

Dear Parents

I thoroughly enjoyed the Ball on Friday: a lovely venue, excellent company and surprising entertainment!  Thank you to Lesley and the PTA for their efforts.  These events simply wouldn’t happen without a good deal of hard work from our volunteers; it’s very much appreciated!



Attached is a letter from our Chair of School Council outlining the fees for next year.  We remain committed to being affordable to as many people as possible whilst maintaining our impressive class sizes.  I know many of you make sacrifices to keep your children here and I would like to thank you for your continued support.


School Calendar on the Website

You may have noticed that we have ‘upgraded’ the calendar on the school website.  Hopefully, it’s more interactive than the last one and to see what’s on, where and when, you have a number of choices.  You can:
• view the calendar as either a grid or a list
• filter the calendar by category
• use the calendar sync button to synchronize the school calendar with your personal calendar.  You can either synchronize the entire school calendar or your chosen calendar filters.  Any subsequent changes to the calendar will update your personal calendar.
• load the mobile web app onto your phone.  This will allow you to access the school calendar on the go and save the icon to your home screen.

I hope this is a step in the right direction and you find this calendar more user-friendly.


Sports Uniform

We’re in the final stages of finalising our new sports kit for the Prep & Senior School.  It’s been great involving the children in the process and I think they are delighted by the garments they have seen.  I will be sending more details when prices are confirmed but, please be assured, this is not a profit making exercise.  It’s just a chance to put our boys and girls in fantastic kit and we will be selling items as close to the cost price as possible.

Some people have also asked about our school uniform.  I recently met with a representative from a company with a view to re-designing our school uniform for September 2018.  There will be no changes to the school uniform until this date at the very earliest.



Please support this initiative which recycles clothing whilst raising funds for the PTA at the same time.  A letter is attached which provides you with more detail.


Oliver Tickets

We have attached an order form for tickets.  Please note: priority will be given to the family of cast members until Wednesday 24 May.  After that it’s very much open to all members of the community and, with limited space, please book early to avoid disappointment.


With best wishes


Ken James


Whole School Letters

Letter from the Chair of School Council – 19 May 2017 – Miss V L Duncan

PTA Bag2School – 7 June 2017

Oliver! Booking Form


P&S School Letters

Oliver! – Fagin’s Gang Costumes – 19 May 2017 – Mrs E Auty

Oliver! – Chorus Costumes – 19 May 2017 – Mrs E Auty


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