Dear Parents,

It has been another very busy week at Red House and it has been lovely to see so many new faces in school for our whole-school Taster Week. On Tuesday, the Prefect Team (and four special helpers!) created a wonderful assembly to mark Red Nose Day, which included a special comedy segment and a ‘red nose and spoon’ race, to mark this year’s theme of ‘funny is power’.

Although I haven’t been in school today, as I have been on an Inspection course in York, I have heard from Miss Thompson and Mr Haywood about the amazing range of activities happening on both sides of the pond, including wearing brightly coloured clothes in support of Comic Relief, taking part in quizzes, the bake sale, plus the staff versus pupils Netball match at lunchtime, all to raise funds for a very worthy cause.


World Sleep Day
Today is World Sleep Day and this year’s theme is ‘Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World’, with a focus being on how quality sleep helps maintain mental health and how a better night’s sleep helps to us focus during the day.

The importance of sleep in keeping our pupils emotionally and physically healthy cannot be underestimated. Here are my top 5 tips, which I shared with the pupils today on Teams, for making sure they are getting the sleep their mind and body needs:

  1. Feeling stressed or upset can affect your sleep, so talk to someone if you are feeling that way.
  2. No screens – like mobiles and laptops – in bed. Make your bedroom, and especially the area around your bed for sleep only. This tells your body it’s time to snooze when you climb into bed.
  3. If there is something on your mind, try writing down your thoughts or worries before you go to sleep to get them out of your head and onto paper.
  4. Watch what you eat and drink during the day – especially lay off the caffeine and sugar!

Take an hour before bedtime to ‘wind down’ – so avoid things which stimulate your brain, like playing games or watching TV.

I am looking forward to welcoming many of you into school for the PTA Quiz this evening. I wish you all a fantastic weekend with your families.

With very best wishes

Dr Rebecca Ashcroft



Miss Claire Thompson
Deputy Head & Head of Senior School

Wow, what a day! The school has been full of activity but the highlight for me was undoubtedly the ‘Staff versus Pupils’ netball match at lunch time. The atmosphere was electric with a supporting crowd of pupils from Years 6-11 filling the sports hall and, whilst the Year 11 girls took quite an advanced lead at one point, the staff pulled it back to finish with a 20-20 draw. Players of the match unquestionably went to the Year 11 girls. Well done to all involved!

This week, I have also cherished the fact that we are able to join together again for assemblies in the hall. As well as the Red Nose Day celebrations, form 8GS gave a wonderful presentation on happiness, kindness and mental health whilst form 8G gave an informative presentation all about St Patrick’s Day, finished off with a ‘heads and tails’ quiz!

Yesterday, following the success of 23 certificate winners in the Intermediate Maths Challenge earlier this month, three Year 11 and one Year 10 pupil faced the Maths Challenge extension paper. What a fantastic achievement to get this far and I have no doubt they’ll have done themselves proud.

In addition, we also had a group of five Year 9 pupils representing the school in the VEX IQ Challenge at Nissan, Washington, on Wednesday. For weeks, they dedicated their lunch breaks to prepare and program their ‘Rob-bot’ and the day was full of learning challenges. A great team effort!

Year 9 & 10 Belfast Sports Tour Open Evening: Thursday 24 March 2022
For pupils travelling to Belfast on Friday 1 April – Tuesday 5 April 2022, we will be hosting an Open Evening to give further details about the trip. On Thursday 24 March 2022 at 4.30-5pm, in the Senior School Dining Hall, a representative from GB Sports Tours will be available and will discuss the itinerary and kit list.

Year 6 Easter Assembly: Wednesday 30 March 2022
The Year 6 teachers are delighted to invite our Year 6 parents into school on Wednesday 30 March at 9.15 to watch the children perform their Easter assembly. A letter is attached with further information.

Diary Reminders
Year 4-6 Swimming Gala: Friday 25 March
Year 6 PTA Art Exhibition (Junior School): Monday 28 March



Mr Simon Haywood
Head of Junior School

This term seems to be flying by at such a rate of knots! The Junior school has once again been a hive of activity with classes and year groups preparing for events taking place before the end of term, such as the art exhibition, Mother’s Day celebrations and Easter productions. Rehearsals are already well underway. It was also a pleasure this week to open our doors to pupils from other schools as part of our taster week. They all seemed to thoroughly enjoy their stay with us and I’m confident we’ll be seeing them again shortly as Red House pupils. It was a pleasure to see just how welcome the children made them feel. The pupils have ended the week in great style celebrating ‘Red Nose Day’.  Many thanks to you all for your contributions to the day.

Teacher/Parent Consultations
Hopefully by now you have booked an appointment to see your child’s class teacher and we look forward to seeing you next week.  If you have yet to book an appointment, please use this link:

Holiday Club
Just a gentle reminder that the last date for Holiday club bookings is Friday 25 March.  We will not be able to take any bookings past this date, to ensure the club is staffed appropriately.

Last Week of Term
As I’m sure you are already aware, the last week of term always proves to be extremely busy! We are delighted that Clevercogz will be coming into school on Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 March. They provide a wonderful learning experience for the pupils with an emphasis on encouraging team building skills.  This event has been held over for two years due to the pandemic, so we are all really excited to finally see them!

The Easter Egg Decorating competition will also be taking place in the final week.  The PTA have kindly offered to purchase all resources, so it won’t be necessary for anyone to bring in anything from home.



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