Three Red House School pupils dress up in outfits designed as fast food for the Fashion Show

Dear Parents,

The children have thoroughly enjoyed Red Nose Day.  Thank you for your support: it’s obvious many of you have been baking over the last few days.

I thought I would share with you some of our priorities over the next few months.  I am progressing plans for the refurbishment of the Senior School Biology lab.  Once we’ve trialled this design, we will refurbish the other two labs to ensure we continue to excel in the Sciences.

School Council has also agreed the plans to refurbish the old Headmaster’s House to create a new Music School.  This will include a drum/recording studio, teaching rooms for individual music lessons, an enlarged classroom and a rehearsal space.  The refurbishment will also include improvements to the façade; it will no longer be a ‘blot’ on the Green.

We will also continue to refurbish our classrooms and replace technology on both sides of the pond.

Creating a space for mindfulness on the Senior site, to complement our Zen Den in the Junior School, is also on my radar.

Keeping Children Safe
The National Crime Agency has created a site which aims to keep young children safe online.  Parents may find this website useful when talking to the children:

Fashion Show DVDs
This is the ‘final call’ for DVD orders.  Please click here if you would like to buy a permanent reminder of this wonderful event.

PTA Ball: Friday 10 May
Tickets are selling quickly for this event.  We’d love you to join us on the night and the order form can be found here.

Road Accident
Some parents and children may have witnessed an accident yesterday morning near the Senior School.  I have spoken to the girl’s head teacher and the girl involved is on the mend.  My thanks go to the members of our community who assisted the emergency services on the day.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I’m off to see ‘Blood Brothers’ this evening for the seventeenth time.  As you can tell, I quite like Willy Russell’s masterpiece!

With best wishes

Ken James

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