Dear Parents

The way the pupils in the Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & Year 6 have handled their return to school has been nothing short of remarkable.  They are following the new guidelines diligently whilst fully engaging in learning and loving being back with their friends.  Whilst I hope to see more junior pupils back in school soon, no further guidance has been received from the government which is rather frustrating.  We are ready and willing but cannot go against the current guidelines.

Return to School – Year 10

Thank you for your swift responses to the survey about the children returning to school on a part-time basis.  We will be formalising our plans at the beginning of next week and I will provide you with a timetable for the children, plus a detailed account of the safety measures we have in place.  Rest assured, we all want the children and staff to remain as safe as possible.

Remote Learning

For those children not in school, our remote learning programme continues to support the academic journey.  I’m incredibly proud of the progress the vast majority of children are making in such difficult circumstances.  Whilst some children struggle more than others, I firmly believe our children are in a much stronger position than the majority of the children in the country.  Please continue to work with us to support the children; tutors and class teachers are on hand to offer guidance.

One of our safeguarding partners recently sent us details about, an online service to support the wellbeing and resilience of pupils between ages 11 and 18.   Counsellors are available from 12noon to 10pm on weekdays and 6pm to 10pm at the weekends to chat online to pupils who are currently experiencing difficulties.  If this is something which may be of use to your son or daughter, please point them in the right direction.

With best wishes

 Ken James


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