Dear Parents
Pupil Post this week covers our plans for various year groups to return to school.  Whilst I am disappointed I have not been given the flexibility to facilitate the return of Years 7-9, I’m delighted we can make plans to welcome the rest of the primary years back, along with Year 10.  This has not been possible for many other schools, including some in the independent sector. However, our impressive pupil to teacher ratio, and the benefit of space on both sides of the pond, has facilitated our planned return.
Return to School – Years 2, 3, 4 & 5
Thank you to those parents who completed the survey.  We have not received any further guidance from the government beyond the initial statement to say it is for individual head teachers to decide if further year groups are to return.   Unless I receive instructions to the contrary from the Department of Education, I am proposing the following:
Year 2
Proposed return date: Thursday 18 June
Expected numbers: 10-13 pupils
Venue: the Year 2 classroom and the ICT suite.  Mr Haywood will be assisting Mrs Cooper.
Year 3
Proposed return date:  Monday 22 June
Expected numbers: 3S: 8 pupils; 3W: 5-7 pupils
Venue: the Year 4 classrooms
Year 4
Proposed return date:  Monday 22 June
Expected numbers: 4F: 4-9 pupils; 4A: 8-12 pupils
Venue: classrooms C & D in the Senior School (with the option of the main hall should numbers in 4A reach 12)
Year 5
Proposed return date: Thursday 18 June
Expected numbers: 5T: 8-11 pupils; 5M: 12-13 pupils
Venue: Miss Thompson’s classroom and the Senior School Library
We will be contacting parents who are still uncertain early next week, asking you to confirm attendance, which will allow us to finalise our plans.  Individual guidance will then be send out to families similar to the guidelines already issued to Nursery-Year 1 (found here) and Year 6 (found here).
We will continue to support pupils who remain at home as best we can.  Colleagues are now more adept with Teams and it is hoped a number of pupils will be able to dial into lessons.
Return to School – Year 10
We look forward to welcoming Year 10 into school on a three day rotation from Monday.  Details have already been forwarded to parents and shared with the pupils via Teams, along with a list of equipment/resources.  Should you have any last minute queries, please encourage the pupils to send me a message on Teams or feel free to email me over the weekend.
Years 7-9
As I have said, it is disappointing that we cannot welcome the pupils in Years 7-9 back, even on a part-time basis. However, please convey to your children how incredibly proud we remain of their efforts thus far.  I still believe Red House children are in a strong position compared to many other children across the country.  Given our determination and their resilience, any gaps which have emerged, will be filled during the new academic year.
With best wishes
Ken James
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