examSuccessful revision is a long walk not a short sprint, think of Aesop’s fable of the hare and the tortoise.  Last minute high intensity cramming late into the night is not going to achieve nearly so much as planned revision over a longer period.  When talking about approaches to revision with my pupils I have often used the analogy of a hidden treasure chest:

“Imagine you have buried a treasure chest in a field.  Over time grass and weeds will grow and the place where the treasure was buried becomes less easy to find.  If you regularly walk across the field, to where you have hidden your treasure, you will wear a path, making it easy to find the place where you buried the chest.”

Revision is similar to this, regularly revisiting information you wish to commit to memory will create paths in your brain allowing you to more easily retrieve the information you need in the examination.

Parents can do much to support their children revise effectively.  The quality rather than the quantity of revision is what counts.  Short intensive periods work better than prolonged sessions where the mind wanders and concentration is lost.  You are not sitting the exam so you can’t do the work for them but you can encourage, help organise their routine and ensure they have the right conditions in which to work.

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