As you are aware Red House has a very strict safeguarding policy in place for all aspects of school life, including social media.  We are delighted at the amount of interaction we receive on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and always welcome your likes, tweets, comments and shares!  However, we would just like to bring to your attention a couple of very important points from our safeguarding policy:

  1. Please do not identify any child in a photograph and refer to their full name.
  2. If your child has a Facebook or Twitter account, please do not ‘tag’ or ‘mention’ your child in a photograph, status or tweet.

These procedures are in place to protect your child and it would be greatly appreciated if they could be adhered to.  Please continue to like, comment and share our regular updates to help promote the fantastic range of academic, sporting and co-curricular activities that take place daily at Red House School.  We would also welcome your reviews on both Google and our Facebook page.

Thank you for your continued support on our social media accounts.

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