Group of Red House School children hold their LAMDA certificates

Arriving back from the Easter holidays we received the results of the LAMDA examinations that were taken by children, from Years 1 to 8, at the end of last term.

The development of speech and drama in the School has been impressive with many more opportunities being given for the children to perform. My subjective assessment of pupils, through hearing them speaking in assemblies and at the Easter productions, is that the quality of rhetoric within Red House has improved. The examination certificates received, all with Merits and Distinctions, gives a very tangible and objective confirmation of the high standards that are now being achieved. A special mention goes to Maryam who received the highest pass rate ever awarded by this examiner of 100% this is truly an outstanding achievement.

As we are aware, being able to speak out with clarity and confidence, is something that will stand all those involved in the Speech and Drama classes in good stead in the future. Well done to all our orators.

Group-of-Red-House-School-children-hold-their-LAMDA-certificates_2 Group-of-Red-House-School-children-hold-their-LAMDA-certificates_1 Group of Red House School children hold their LAMDA certificates Pupil-holding-holding-their-LAMDA-certificate-who-achieved-100 percent-pass-rate Group-of-Red-House-School-children-hold-their-LAMDA-certificates_Prep-&-Senior-School Children-passed-their-speech-and-drama-exams


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