Pupils and staff always enjoy getting out of School as part of their studies. Year 1 visited Beningborough Hall as part of their topic about houses and homes now and in the past. Having dressed up, circa 1901, they had a very hard day working as the ‘help’. They did the laundry, made polish and then polished the silver! They enjoyed the tour around the maids’ quarters and the ‘upstairs tour’ where they got to see where the lord and lady lived.

Year 2 visited Bede’s World as part of their work on the Northern Saints. They had a fantastic day visiting an Anglo Saxon settlement, as well as practising their very best Anglo Saxon writing. The children then imagined what it would be like to be St. Bede by dressing in habits and pretending to be real Monks.

Headmasters also like the opportunity to get out of School with pupils, although this happens less often than I would like. This week I accompanied Year 8 to Robin Hood’s Bay to investigate the biology and geography of the seashore. Pupils undertook transects of the beach examining the flora and fauna, including some very active crabs, and studied the coastal defences that protect the town. Apart from being a lot of fun this type of hands on experience allows pupils to get a much better understanding of work that could only be covered theoretically in class. Following their studies there was just time for a well-earned ice cream before returning to School.

Beningbrough Hall Group photograph of Year 1 Beningbrough Hall_1 Beningbrough Hall_2 Year 2 visit Bede's World and practice writing Year 2 visit Bede's World Year 2 visit Bede's World_1

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