Red House School Receives a Glowing Inspection Report

Red House School has been given a glowing inspection report.  The report highlighted the very high standards of education, personal development and support pupils from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) through to Year 11 receive at Red House, the quality of their achievements successfully fulfilling the school’s aim of providing a high quality inclusive education in a warm, caring environment.

Younger pupils, in particular, display an outstanding spiritual and moral awareness for their age. The state of the art EYFS setting, its quality of provision, educational outcomes and standards of leadership have all been rated as outstanding by inspectors, with pupils social development being highlighted as  ‘outstanding in relation to their age’.

The outstanding organisation within the EYFS and the exemplary enrichment of the curriculum that is evident within the Nursery and Infant School has been extended to Years 4 to 6, taking the school beyond the recommendations of the previous inspection.

The younger pupils’ social development is outstanding in relation to their age. According to the inspectors report, they are ‘courteous, welcoming and willing to share their views and engage with visitors. Pupils described their school as a friendly place where visitors, especially new ones, are made to feel welcome’.

The report adds; ‘Throughout the school teachers thoroughly understand the needs of their pupils and plan well to provide for these needs. This is supported by their excellent subject knowledge.

Relationships between pupils and staff, as well as amongst pupils, were reported as excellent and ‘there is a calm and purposeful atmosphere in the school at all times. Pupils are courteous to others and are supportive of each other in various ways’.

Inspectors noted that parents and pupils express a high level of satisfaction with the broad formal curriculum being balanced with a diverse range of sporting, musical and other co-curricular activities, contributing to pupils’ personal development.

The quality of links with parents, carers and guardians was described as excellent with parents being ‘exceedingly satisfied with the education and support provided for their children’.

Headmaster, Alex Taylor, said “We can all be very proud of what is being achieved at Red House.  Dedicated teachers, well motivated pupils and strong support from home provides for a happy and purposeful School.

Download the inspection report