8 January 2016

Dear Parent

I have been contacted by members of the public, complaining about the actions of individual parents whilst picking up their children from school. Complainants have alleged that vehicles were parked in a way that obstructs the highway.

I know that most parents are aware that parking around The Green is a sensitive issue and maintaining a good relationship with our neighbours is important. The one way system which passes the entrance to the Nursery and Infant School seems to have been a success. But it would be regrettable if additional parking constraints were imposed.

I would respectfully remind you of the code of conduct that was drawn up some years ago by the School Council:

  • Vehicles MUST always be parked legally and so as not to cause an obstruction.
  • Please do not block residents’ drives, even for “just a minute”.
  • Please leave enough room for the school minibus to be able to turn out of Main School at 4.00 pm, as there are often away fixtures at that time.
  • Do NOT park too close to the main road junction (as per Highway Code).
  • Please do not simply pull alongside the parked cars outside Main School to allow your children to “jump in”.
  • If your vehicle is very large, please consider parking a little further away.

Yours faithfully

A R W Taylor


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