23 May 2014

Dear Parent

As I hope you will have already heard, the School has made significant progress, over the past couple of weeks, in its ambition to relocate to Wynyard. We have not only obtained planning permission for the School but have now also purchased the land on which it is to be built.

We still are not in a position to start building on the new site but please be assured that I, the Headmaster and my fellow governors are all working hard to secure the finance which will allow this to happen. It has always been our full intention to relocate Red House School at the earliest opportunity and this intention has never wavered despite the numerous hurdles we have had to overcome.

The School continues to thrive, and the examination results, which place Red House as the top achieving co-educational independent school in England, without a sixth form, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the pupils and staff and support of parents. The School can also be justly proud of its sporting successes. It continues to provide opportunities for pupils to compete at county regional and in a number of cases international level. The School has also widened its program of co-curricular activities; providing children with many opportunities to develop their skills, talents and interests beyond formal lessons. Our wrap around care has also increased with the addition of a holiday club for children who attend the Nursery and Infant School. Red House flourishes as a community where children can grow and certainly lives up to its strap line of ‘a foundation for life’.

The fees for the next academic year commencing September 2014 are shown below.

Tuition fees

Nursery                                                                                              £2,270.00 per term

Infant School (up to year 2)                                                               £2,340.00 per term

Preparatory school (years 3 to 6)                                                      £2,910.00 per term

Senior school (years 7 to 11)                                                             £3,340.00 per term

Other Charges

Nursery and Infant Lunches                                                              £190.00 per term

Preparatory and Senior Lunches                                                       £190.00 per term

Preparatory and Senior Milk                                                               £11.00 per term

Wrap around Care Nursery and Infant School

Breakfast Club                                                07.30 – 08.30               £3.00 per session

After School Care                                           15.30 – 16.00                £1.50 per session

16.00 – 18.00                                                                                        £6.00 per session

Wrap Around Care Main School

Tea and Prep                                                   16.00 – 17.15               £3.75 per session

16.00 – 18.00                                                                                         £6.00 per session

These fees are the lowest fees, by some margin, of any independent school in the Tees Valley across the time that a child will be in school. Our fees are inclusive and, unlike some of our rivals, include the cost of books and examinations. As a governing body, consisting entirely of current parents, we are always acutely conscious of any change to the fees made and for that reason, once again, there has been no increase in the ‘Other Charges’.

Yours faithfully

Vinay Bedi

Chair of School Council

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