24 June 2016

Dear Parents


When pupils enter Year 11 the games programme changes significantly. We introduce a course of activities which will take our pupils into the local community to sample different physical activities. In order to provide a programme of interest and diversity we must travel to suitable venues and employ instructors with relevant qualifications and expertise.

It is expected that your child will be able to participate in all of the following activities; canoeing, rock climbing, golf, watt-cycle, cross-fit, kettlebells and ice skating. (The availability of activities is obviously subject to organisational constraints and could be changed without notice).

The school funds the majority of this venture but in order to cover additional costs a contribution of £65 will be charged to your Autumn and Spring school account.This programme has operated successfully for many years and we are sure your child will value the opportunities they are given throughout the year.

Yours faithfully

Miss M Sweeney

Head of Physical Education

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