13 March 2014

Dear Parents

I have, over the past few weeks, received a number of calls from parents and residents of Norton concerned about the traffic and movement of vehicles at the start and close of the School day.  In a couple of instances, one witnessed by myself, this has endangered the safety of other road users and pedestrians.

I would remind all parents of the code of practice when dropping off and picking up your child/children:

  • Vehicles MUST always be parked legally so as not to cause an obstruction.
  • Please do not block residents’ drives, even for ‘just a minute’.
  • Please leave enough room for the school minibus to be able to turn out of the Main School at 16.00 hours, as there are often away fixtures at that time.
  • Do NOT park too close to the main road junction (as per Highway Code).
  • Please do not simply pull alongside the parked cars outside Main School to allow your children to ‘jump in’.
  • If your vehicle is very large, please consider parking a little further away.

I would particularly draw Main School parents attention to the 5th bullet point regarding “pulling alongside parked cars …… to allow children to ‘jump in’ ”, as this has caused vehicles to back up onto the High Street.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

A R W Taylor


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