5 September 2014

Dear Parents

Welcome to the new school year, particularly to those of you whose children started at Red House for the first time this term.

The GCSE results received in late August were, once again, very pleasing and a testament to the hard work of pupils and their teachers and the support provided by parents. 98% of all candidates obtained more than the Government’s benchmark of 5 A*-C grades. 56% of all grades were at A*/A and overall there was a 96% pass rate at grade C or above. Two pupils, Olivia Brightling and Aditi Rangan achieved A* grades in all 11 subjects for which they were entered and a further four pupils achieved A* or A grades in every subject. We wish all those in last year’s Year 11 well as they continue their studies.

The Holiday Club that ran in the Nursery and Infant School was well attended. Those of you who follow the School on social media, Facebook and twitter, will have seen the wide range of activities, both in School and on trips and visits enjoyed by the children. I am pleased to announce that the Holiday Club will be available throughout the school year, during the holidays. Further information is available from either school office.

We welcome a new member of staff to the Main School site where Miss Crabb has joined us as Head of Chemistry. Prior to joining Red House, Miss Crabb taught in a number of schools and is an ex international rugby player.

As we start the new academic year, my colleagues and I will be implementing the new national curriculum. At Red House we always consider this to be the base on which our schemes of work are constructed and that what is taught will always be national curriculum plus, providing a wider and deeper education for the children. Your support is always an integral part in helping your child develop. For children in the Main School, communication through the pupil planner is an important part of the partnership that exists between school and home. If you should ever have any questions about the work of your child, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant teacher.

Parking around The Green continues to be an issue and I would ask all parents to be considerate of other road users and our residents. The following guidelines were drawn up by School Council a number of years ago and are worth repeating in the interests of maintaining good relationships with our local community.

  • Vehicles MUST always be parked legally so as not to cause an obstruction.
  • Please do not block residents’ drives, even for ‘just a minute’.
  • Please leave enough room for the school minibus to be able to turn out of the Main School at 16.00 hours, as there are often away fixtures at that time.
  • Do NOT park too close to the main road junction (as per Highway Code).
  • Please do not simply pull alongside the parked cars outside Main School to allow your children to ‘jump in’.
  • If your vehicle is very large, please consider parking a little further away.

I would particularly draw Main School parents attention to the 5th bullet point regarding “pulling alongside parked cars …… to allow children to ‘jump in’ ”, as this has caused vehicles to back up onto the High Street.

School Council and I continue to work towards the relocation of the School to Wynyard. Following the successful purchase of the land, we are continuing to work with developers to secure the finance necessary for the building to commence. As information becomes available we will, of course, keep you, as parents, informed.

I have no doubt that I will meet many of you in the coming weeks and months and wish your children a successful term.

Yours faithfully

A R W Taylor


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