DearParents,                                                                                                                         18th March 2016

After School Clubs will begin week commencing Monday 18th April. Clubs will run from 3:30-4:30pm. Please note there will be no clubs week commencing Monday 4th July, except for golf. Children should be collected from the main entrance door at the end of the session. Alternatively, children may be booked in to attend Session 6 and can be collected any time up until 6pm (normal charges will apply).

Please select from the list below. If demand is high for a particular club we may split the club into two groups.

Parents should complete the separate forms for Golf, Karate and Speech & Drama and return with payment.

Please complete the form(s) below for all other clubs and return to school by 9am Tuesday 12th April. If your child would like to attend more than one club please complete the form below in rank order so that we can accommodate as many children as possible in the co-curricular programme. A list will be published on Friday 15th April.                                                 


Yours sincerely,


Miss J. Everington


Day                         Club                       Year Group                               Staff

Monday              Games Club          3 & 2                                  Mrs Jackson
Tuesday         Golf ( 2 groups)       3 & 2                                 Ross Jackson – see separate letter

Tuesday      Tennis ( 2 groups)      3 & 2                              Mrs Jackson

Tuesday      Mad Maths & Science   3 & 2                                Mrs Reeves *

Tuesday          ICT                                 1                                 Mr McKay

Tuesday       Outdoor Club              Reception                          Miss Dring *


Wednesday   Speech & Drama        R, 1 & 2                               Enter CIC – see separate letter

Wednesday     Film Club            3                                     Miss Warnock*

Wednesday   Problem Solving         3 & 2                                Mr Haywood

Wednesday    Outdoor Club                  1                                   Mrs Kitching


Thursday     Speech & Drama          3 & 4                          Enter CIC – see separate letter

Thursday     Lego Club                         2                                   Mrs Summers *

Thursday     Gymnastics Club             1                        Miss Thompson**

Thursday        Craft Club            Reception                   Mrs Waldock *

 Friday        Karate               Reception –Y3                        Holly Sterling – see separate letter

Friday          Sewing Club     3 & 2                                Miss Everington


*Priority will be given to those pupils who have not done the club in the autumn and spring terms.

** Priority will be given to those pupils who have not done the club in the spring term.




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