15 April 2015

Dear Parent

Your child has expressed an interest in attending the orienteering events held this term.  They are:

22nd April at Errington Woods, TS11 8

6th May at Summerhill, Hartlepool TS25 4LL

20th May at Hardwick Park, Sedgefield TS21 2DN

17th June  at Cowpen Bewley Park, TS23 3NF

1st July at Coatham Woods, Long Newton TS16 0QQ

You will need to pick up your child at 3.40pm from school, (or give permission for your child to travel with the school).  You, or another designated adult will need to collect your child from the venue, just after 5.20pm or collect them when they to return to school at approximately 5.40pm.

The children will be given some instruction by me, before the date, and by one or two of the organisers at the start, on the day.  The children need tracksuits and sensible shoes (raincoat if it is wet).  The children will be in pairs and they will take it in turns to use a map and an electronic emit card.  The area is patrolled by the organisers, so it is quite safe.  I will be jogging around the course to check on them and assist them if required.

Please could you fill in the consent form to give permission for your child to participate and also indicate which events and which method of transport will be used.  This activity is subject to the conditions as set out in the Parent Contract and will be covered by the schools insurance policy.  A full risk assessment has been undertaken by the group leader.  A qualified first aider will be available at the events.  Please ensure if your child suffers from asthma or severe allergic reactions their inhaler/medication/epipen is with them, if they do not have them, they will be unable to go.

Thank you for your attention in this matter and to all parents for helping out with lifts and supporting the Orienteering over the years.

Yours faithfully

Mr C Jones

Name of pupil                                                                                                   Form

I would like my child to participate in the orienteering events, using the transport as indicated.  (please tick)


I would like school to transport my child to and from the event. I will transport my child to and from the event. I would like school transport my child to the event I will transport my child to the event I would like school transport my child from the event I will transport my child from the event.
22nd April, Errington Woods
6th May, Summerhill
20th May, Hardwick Park
17th June, Cowpen Bewley
1st July, Coatham Woods

Signed                                                                                                               parent / guardian

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