01 October 2015

Dear Parents

I thought that it would be helpful if I gave you advance notice of the Parent Teacher Evenings and examinations taking place this academic year. The details are on the back of this letter. The Parent Teacher Evenings offer an opportunity for a brief meeting in which staff can report to parents on a pupil’s work and progress.

It goes without saying that if you are concerned about any matter please do not feel that you have to wait until the Parent Teacher Evening to raise it with the School.  Please contact your child’s Form Tutor at any time.

Similarly, if you feel that a question or concern will take longer to discuss than the limited time available at a Parent Teacher Evening, then please do make a separate appointment at any mutually convenient time.

In addition to these meetings we also send out written reports on your child’s progress on a regular basis throughout the year. Details of the timings of these are below:

Years 4-9          Interim reports one week before the end of autumn and spring terms.

Full report one week before the end of summer term

Year 10            Interim Reports one week before the end of the autumn and one week after May half term.

Full report one week before the end of the spring term.

Year 11            Interim report before October half term.

Full report two weeks after the start of spring term.

Yours faithfully

Mrs C L Blyth

Deputy Head


Examinations & Parent/Teacher Meetings
Autumn & Spring Terms 2015-2016 

Wednesday 14th October Year 4 & 5 Initial Consultation Evenings
Monday 23rd November – Thursday 3rd December Year 11 MOCK Examinations
Tuesday 12th January Form 6 Parent / Teacher Evening
Wednesday 20th January Year 11 Parent / Teacher Evening
Thursday 4th February Year 8 Parent / Teacher Evening
Wednesday 2nd March Year 7 Parent / Teacher Evening
Thursday 10th March Year 9 Parent / Teacher Evening
The Year 9 Parent Teacher Evening on Thursday 12th March will include information for parents on GCSE Options in Years 10 and 11 for 2016-2018.
Wednesday 16th March Year 4 & 5 Parent / Teacher Evenings

Examinations and Parent/Teacher Meetings
Summer Term 2016

5th – 13th May Year 10 Examinations
Year 10 Examinations take place at the beginning of May, which is approximately half way through the GCSE teaching course. The date of these examinations allows time for any problems or concerns raised to be fully addressed before the end of the Summer Term.
23rd – 27th May Years 7 to 9 Examinations
Tuesday 7th June Year 10 Parent/Teacher Evening



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