06 May 2015

Dear Parent

Redcar Bears Speedway

The school has been approached by the speedway team and has been invited to take part in an initiative to encourage younger people and families to attend race meetings.  In order to judge the demand for such an activity, the school would like to establish the likely take up.

As the event is an evening activity, it is anticipated that pupils would make their own way to and from the event, with members of school staff present in a supervisory role.  If parents wish, they too can stay and watch the evenings races with their child. The likely timings for the event will be from 7pm until 9.30pm.

Once back at school, the speedway team would like our school to write a piece for inclusion in the next weeks programme.

If you and/or your child are interested in attending a speedway meeting, please complete the slip below. Once the likely level of support is established, a more detailed itinerary and indication of costs can be calculated and a more detailed letter sent to those interested parties.

Yours faithfully

Mr S Wilkinson

Head of Design Technology


Redcar Bears Speedway

Pupil Name:                                                                                        Form:

Initial canvassing to establish demand. (Please tick the appropriate box, and return this slip to school.)

My child has expressed an interest in attending this type of event.

I would also like to attend this type of event.

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