Dear Parents,

On Wednesday 1st October 2014 at 6pm we are holding our PTA Annual General Meeting in the Barn at the Nursery and Infant School.

This is the annual meeting where we officially welcome new members and helpers to the PTA.

At present we are in desperate need of new members and helpers to our committee. More and more of us are working and it is becoming increasing difficult to support the School from our ever dwindling group of volunteers.

It would be fantastic if we could drum up some support and recruit a number of new members or helpers.

As a member you would receive notice of the meetings, which you may, but are not under any obligation, to attend and the minutes of the meetings.

As a helper you would simply be contacted via email when there is a PTA event, such as cinema nights or the Christmas parties, which we need help with. Even if you could only spare an hour of your time once a year, every little helps.

Please consider this invitation to join us. If you could take a minute of your time to fill in the reply slip and return it back to either school office we would all be most grateful.

Thank you

Lucie Fleming

Red House School PTA Chair


I am able/not able to attend the PTA AGM on Wednesday 1st October at 6pm.

I would like to join Red House School PTA as a Full Member____ Helper ____ (Please tick)

My contact details are; Email _________________________________________________

Mobile Telephone Number____________________________________________________

Name___________________________________________Child(s) Year Group___________

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