25 May 2016


Dear Parents

We are planning a royal themed day of activities on Friday 10th June, in celebration of the Queen’s official birthday. The morning will be spent engaged in lessons with a royal theme, followed by a picnic lunch (weather permitting).

Throughout the afternoon, all pupils from Years 4-9 will take part in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Challenge activities. They will be competing in their houses: Castle, Ragworth and Whorlton, to win as many ACUs (Activity Currency Units) as possible. Year 4-6 will be working in separate teams from Y7-9 and activities will be supervised by Year 10 pupils and members of the teaching staff.

All pupils should come in to school dressed in their PE kit. For organisational purposes, it would be very helpful if pupils in Y4-9 could bring in a T-shirt in the colour of their House: Castle – blue; Ragworth – red; and Whorlton – green.

The Challenge will involve pupils working as a team and they will have to make decisions on which activities they are going to attempt and which members of the team will compete. Each activity has an ACU value, a made-up currency specially printed for the Challenge, which ranges from 10 ACUs per person to 500 for the team. There will be a wide range of fun activities to choose from: physical, strength, dexterity, problem-solving, building, etc. Each team can double their money in one activity by playing their Queen card. They can only double their winnings if each member of the team completes the challenge wearing a tiara (supplied)!

In order to provide pupils with a range of materials to use in the activities, I would be grateful if you could offer assistance in providing/loaning us any of the following items:

  • newspapers
  • blindfolds
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • extra-long skipping ropes
  • climbing rope

You may wish to follow our adventures on Twitter and on our Facebook page: I’m sure there will be many interesting photo opportunities!

Yours faithfully

Mrs C Blyth

Deputy Head


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