27 February 2015

Dear Parents

Red Nose Day 2015 – Prep and Senior School

On Friday 13th March we will be holding a variety of events to raise funds for the BBC Red Nose Day appeal. Vintage Red Noses will be on sale for £1 from 8am onwards on this day.  Additionally, we are inviting pupils and staff to take part in a non-uniform day with a ‘red’ theme.  We are asking that all pupils and staff make a donation of £1. Pupils should not dress outlandishly, wear jewellery or football shirts.  This is an opportunity to support a charity and not for pupils to be making a fashion statement. This will, in all other respects, be a normal teaching day.

There will be face painting, where pupils can have ’small‘ decorations on their faces for 50p.  There is also the staff-v-pupil netball match taking place on the lunchtime which will be £1 to watch.  The match will have a live twitter feed via the @Sport_RHS account if you wish to follow the match

On Wednesday, 11th March, Year 10 will be running a “circuits” style activity with small prizes,  where pupils can buy tokens to be used at the following stalls:

  • Penalty shootout
  • Pin the red nose on the clown
  • Guess the sweets in the jar
  • “Red Nose pong”   (bounce a red nose/ping pong ball on a table and hope that in its second bounce, it lands in a tin.  If it does, you win the content of the tin.)

We are also hoping to organise an inter house tug of war competition at the end of the session. Should this go ahead pupils participating will need to bring sturdy gloves to wear.

Once again I would like to thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Mrs L Roberts

Head of Religious Studies

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