01 May 2015

Dear Parents

Year 11 last day

This letter is to provide you with information about what is happening on the pupils’ last day at School and to remind you of one or two key matters relating to the GCSE examinations.

Last day

The last day for Y11 at Red House School is Friday 8th May. Year 11 will have lessons as normal for periods 1-3 (9.10am – 10.55am). There will then be time set aside for them to clear their lockers, socialise with members of staff, have a snack and a chance for them to sign each other’s shirts.  When the lockers have been cleared, the pupils should return their locker keys to their tutor who will then return their locker key deposit money. If you are picking up your son/daughter from the School, then please be aware that we intend to dismiss them from School premises at about 11.45am.

Other matters

  • Exam instruction and guidance sheets for pupils and parents have been issued already. If this sheet has been misplaced or you wish to have another copy, please contact the School and we will supply you with another one.
  • The lunchtime supervision sheet should already have been returned to School. If it has not been received then your son/daughter will have to remain on School premises at all times on the days when they have both morning and afternoon exams. Spare copies of this sheet are available from the School.
  • Normal School rules regarding appearance and behaviour apply at all times during the examination season e.g. blazers must be worn, make-up and jewellery are not permitted, and no hoodies are to be worn.
  • Examinations begin at 9.00 a.m. for the morning session and 1.30 p.m. for the afternoon session. Pupils should be outside the Sports Hall 10 minutes before these start times.
  • Textbooks should be returned directly to the subject teacher after the last exam for each subject.

Please feel free to contact Mrs Blyth or myself if you wish to discuss any of these matters or you have any further questions.

Yours faithfully

Deputy Head

RP May


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