28 February 2014

Dear Parents

Year 4 Parent / Teacher Consultation, Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th March

As indicated in the letter issued last term, there will be another opportunity for you to meet with Miss White and Mr Jones to discuss your child’s progress in Year 4.

I attach a list of proposed interview times

The interviews will take place in the Library with Mr Jones for pupils in 4J and in room 16 with Miss White for pupils in 4W.  Tea and coffee will be available on Mr Jones’ form room while you are waiting.

The interviews are timed to last for 10 minutes and if it becomes clear that more time is required then I would urge you to make another appointment to come into school rather than delay the appointments of other parents.

If the time allocated is unsuitable for you then please contact Miss White or Mr Jones directly – immediately before the start of morning school is a good time, or via the school email – to make an alternative appointment.

If you have a child from another year group still in School at the end of the teaching day, please make arrangements for them as well as your year 4 son/daughter to be supervised while you are talking to staff.

Yours faithfully

Mr R May

Deputy Head

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