23 April 2015

Dear Parents

I am writing to inform you of some of the events that will be happening during the summer term and to let you know what your child will be studying.  I hope that this information will be useful to you so that you can help support your child’s studies.

EnglishPupils will conclude reading their class novel and use this as a stimulus for creative writing.  The pupils will be rehearsing for the end of year drama production based on Aesop’s Fables.  The pupils will also be given the opportunity to write their fables.  Finally they will be preparing their entry for the School handwriting competition.

Maths – Pupils will rehearse mental addition and subtraction strategies and apply skills to fractions and decimals. Pupils will also consolidate methods of multiplication, identify rules of divisibility and also learn to read and plot coordinates in two quadrants. Pupils will also extend their understanding of 2D and 3D shape by identifying 3D shapes from 2D representations and by creating 3D shapes using 2D nets.

Science – Pupils will be exploring a science topic of healthy living this half term.  Pupils will learn how the circulation system operates; they will investigate the affect of exercise on their pulse rate and also discover more about how exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Art – In preparation for our biennial fashion show pupils will be designing and making a pair of wacky glasses.  Each pupil will select and research objects related to the theme of the jungle, taking these images through to a design drawing, analyzing and selecting suitable materials for their designs.  Pupils will spend the remainder of the term making their designed glasses for the fashion show on June 19th.  You will receive further details about this nearer the time.

French – Pupils will learn to give a simple description of a scene, place or planet; to make statements about seasons and weather and the position of a planet.  They will also learn to use adjectives to add interest to a description; and to describe seasons in the context of a poem, Le Retour du Printemps.  This unit draws upon familiar vocabulary and structures: the months, the weather, animals and their habitats and the alphabet.  Pupils will also learn to classify nouns, adjectives and verbs; use the qualifiers assez and très; and to form compound sentences with parce que.

Games – Pupils will cover a range of physical activities including cricket (for boys), rounders (for girls), tennis and athletics.  In games the programme is aimed to develop an increased level of understanding of basic tactics and rules and how to apply these in a competitive environment.  In athletics pupils will be given the opportunity to improve in a variety of individual events and their performances will be recorded and monitored. There will also be some preparation work for sports day which takes place this term.

GeographyPupils study the European Union, including its member states and aspects of their physical geography, culture, sport and currencies. Pupils then research and present another project about a chosen European country.

History – Pupils continue to study some of the major themes of Egyptian history such as mummification, hieroglyphs, and religion. After the Egyptian topic, pupils briefly study prehistoric Britain including Skara Brae.

ICT – Pupils will be studying aspects relating to ‘We are architects’ and ‘We are photographers’.

Music – Pupils compose melodies harmonised by sustained and repetitive accompaniments. Listening material includes music depicting a musical clock and English folk songs. Pupils continue regular keyboard playing to help develop their note recognition and awareness of rhythmic patterns.

PSHEPupils will be considering what it is to be a good citizen.  Pupils will be considering the best way to solve a dispute and will discuss what is meant by prejudice.

RS – Pupils will study the religion of Islam.  They will focus on the five pillars of Islam, the typical layout of a mosque and the importance of Muhammad to Muslims.

Technology– Pupils will be linking their design technology and history lessons. Pupils are studying historical Egypt and will be looking in particular at burial methods. Pupils will use their history knowledge to design and construct a range of Egyptian coffins or other burial items.

You may be aware that the pupils from Years 7 to 9 have a week of exams beginning May 19th.  The pupils in Year 5 will only be completing assessment tests in maths, reading and writing.  The tests take place in the class room during lesson term with the subject teacher.

I do hope that you find this information useful so that you can support your child in their learning.  If you have any questions or queries please do get in touch tiffany.white@redhouseschool.co.uk.

Yours faithfully

Miss T White

KS 2 Co-ordinator


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