23 April 2015

Dear Parents

I am writing to inform you of some of the events that will be happening during the next term and to let you know what your child will be studying.  I hope that this information will be useful to you so that you can help support your child’s studies.

English – Pupils will conclude reading their class novel and use this as a stimulus for creative writing.  The pupils will be rehearsing for the end of year drama production based on Aesop’s Fables.  The pupils will also be given the opportunity to write their fables.  Finally they will be preparing their entry for the School handwriting competition.

Maths – Pupils will further develop their computation skills and apply the inverse operation to solve problems involving algebra. They will also extend their understanding of number patterns, apply tests of divisibility and further explore fractions and decimals in a topic of ratio and proportion. Pupils will also solve problems related to measure and perimeter.

Science – Pupils will be exploring a science topic related to ‘Reversible and Irreversible Changes’ where they will learn more about how materials can exist as different states of matter. Pupils will also explore how mixing materials, heating and burning materials can produce new substances.

Art – In preparation for our biennial fashion show pupils will continue with their gargoyle theme and will be designing and making a gargoyle themed mask and t-shirt. Each pupil will research objects related to the theme, taking these images through to design drawings, analyzing and selecting suitable materials for their designs.  Pupils will spend the remainder of the term making their designed masks and t-shirts in wait of the fashion show.

French – Pupils will consolidate what they have learnt during key stage 2 and prepare for key stage 3 through the Accès Studio course book.  This leads on to the Studio course books used in key stage 3.  Topics covered include: classroom language; school bag items; describing the classroom; meeting and greeting; numbers, days and months; likes and dislikes; talking about family, food, countries and the weather.

GamesPupils will cover a range of physical activities including cricket (for boys), rounders (for girls), tennis and athletics.  In games the programme is aimed to develop an increased level of understanding of basic tactics and rules and how to apply these in a competitive environment.  In athletics pupils will be given the opportunity to improve in a variety of individual events and their performances will be recorded and monitored. There will also be some preparation work for sports day which takes place this term.

Geography – Pupils will continue to study the rivers topic during the summer term, looking at river processes and landscapes and people who use rivers and manage flooding.  They will also complete a decision making exercise based on ‘green energy’ which will involve them choosing where to locate a new wind farm in Cumbria.

History – Pupils will continue to learn about the Roman Empire and link it in to the invasions and conquest of Britain. This leads to a study of (and visit to) Hadrian’s Wall. After the completion of the Roman topic, the Anglo Saxons are briefly studied.

ICT – This term the pupils will be studying aspects relating to We are web developers and We are fundraisersʺ. They will also be constructing the year book.

Music– Pupils continue to play melodies or more complex music on keyboards regularly. Singing repertoire includes songs from around the world. Listening and composing tasks relate to ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ and to music depicting space travel.

PSHE– Pupils will be considering what it is to be a good citizen.  They will be considering what anti – social behaviour is and what should be done about it.  Furthermore as part of their PSHE studies the pupils will also be visiting the RNLI lifeboat at Redcar on the morning of April 28th and learning about basic first aid from George Roberts who is from Cleveland Ambulance Service on the morning of Wednesday 6th May.

RS – Pupils will be studying Buddhist beliefs and practices focusing on the early life of the Buddha, Buddhist teaching on suffering and the Sangha (the Buddhist community of monks and nuns).

Technology – Pupils are part way through their latest project – designing and making model houses using computer aided design and manufacture.  Once this project has finished, pupils will embark upon a plastics based project – a steady hand, maze game, developing and refining their CADCAM skills. Year 6 will finish the year off with a jewellery project where they will make a copper badge or key ring. The surface of this shaped piece of copper will be enamelled using a low temperature, plastic powder ‘enamelling’ process.

You may be aware that the pupils from Years 7 to 9 have a week of exams beginning May 19th.  The pupils in Year 6 will be completing assessment tests in maths, reading, writing and science.  The tests will take place in the class room during lesson term with the subject teacher.

I do hope that you find this information useful so that you can support your child in their studies.  If you have any questions or queries please do get in touch at tiffany.white@redhouseschool.co.uk.

Yours faithfully

Miss T White

KS2 Co-ordinator

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