01 April 2014

Dear Parents

I am writing to inform you of some of the events that will be happening during the next term and to let you know what your child will be studying.  I hope that this information will be useful to you so that you can help support your child’s studies.

English – Pupils will conclude reading their class novel and use this as a stimulus for creative writing.  Pupils will also work on developing their letter writing techniques.  The pupils will be rehearsing for their end of year production.  The pupils will also be preparing their entry for the school handwriting competition.

Maths – Pupils will further develop their understanding of fractions and begin to find percentages of a quantity.  Pupils will then apply newly acquired skills and knowledge of fractions and percentages to interpret and construct pie charts.  In addition, pupils will consolidate and extend their efficient methods of multiplication which involve decimals.

Science – Pupils will be tackling a variety of mini topics this half term such as ‘How we See’, ‘Light’ and a topic related to ‘Sound’. Within these topics, pupils will develop their scientific knowledge and also their skills to conduct a scientific investigation by identifying variables, the factor to be measured and a question to test.

Art – Pupils will be looking at the mosaics created by the Greeks and Romans and after researching traditional tales, myths and fables will be creating a paper mosaic of a chosen scene.

French – Pupils will cover the topic of food and drink.  By the end of this module they will be able to order in a restaurant and discuss prices in Euros

Games – During the summer term boys will be participating in athletics, tennis & cricket.  The girls will be participating in athletics, tennis and rounders. The pupils will also have the swimming gala to look forward to which will take place on the afternoon of Friday 25th April and sports day which will take place on 17th June.

Geography – Year 6 pupils are studying rivers.  They will be looking at the drainage basin and features formed at different stages in the rivers’ journey from source to mouth including; waterfalls, ox-bow lakes and deltas.

History – Having learnt about Ancient Rome, pupils will now focus on the Roman invasion of Britain and the changes they brought.

ICT – Next term pupils will be finishing their work using Kodu, a computer programming software. Pupils will be evaluating the games they have created and identifying the programming skills they have developed during their ICT lessons.

Music – Pupils will be listening to music called ‘Rat Race and Moon Walk’ and composing a piece for percussion instruments associated with such differing moods. In another composing project, using computers, they write a melody over a drone bass. Pupils also learn how scales help to influence musical moods.

PSHE – In PSHE this term pupils will be considering what it is to be a good citizen.  They will be considering what anti-social behaviour is and what should be done about it.  Furthermore as part of their PSHE studies the pupils will also be visiting the RNLI lifeboat at Redcar on the morning of May 14th.  If you would like to accompany the pupils on this trip, your help is always very much appreciated.  If you would like to go could you please let me know via email or the school office.   Thank you.

RS – This term pupils will start to study the religion of Buddhism; concentrating on the early life of the Buddha, his enlightenment and his teachings.

Technology – Y6 are part way through their latest project – the steady hand maze game. Once this project has finished, pupils will embark upon a jewellery project where they will make a copper badge or key ring. The surface of this shaped piece of copper will be enamelled using a low temperature, plastic powder ‘enamelling’ process

You may be aware that the pupils from years 7 to 9 have a week of exams beginning May 19th.  The children in year 6 will be completing assessment tests in maths, reading, writing and science.  The tests will take place in the class room during lesson term with the subject teacher.

The pupils in years 4 to 6 will all be starring in the first KS2 production.  In September we introduced drama lessons into the curriculum and to celebrate the pupils’ work this year they will be entertaining us with a collection of short plays based on fairy tales with a modern twist.  This event will take place on Thursday 3rd July and more details will be sent out nearer the time.

I do hope that you find this information useful so that you can support your child in their learning.  If you have any questions or queries please do get in touch The summer term is always a busy term with many exciting events happening and I know our year 6 pupils are also very excited about going on the outward bound weekend on Friday 13th June.

I do hope that you find this information useful so that you can support your child in their studies.  If you have any questions or queries please do get in touch at tiffany.white@redhouseschool.co.uk.

Yours faithfully

Miss T White

Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator

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