20 May 2016

Dear Parent

Your child will soon be making the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 and in order to make this as smooth as possible I think it is best that you have some understanding of the procedures involved.

In the autumn term of year 7 pupils will be taught in tutor groups.

At the end of the autumn term in Year 7 pupils are placed into teaching sets for maths, English, science, humanities and French. The groups are constructed by the relevant Heads of Departments using Year 7 autumn assessments. The progress pupils make within these groups during Key Stage 3 is monitored, and it is possible that during this time changes are made to the composition of these groupings. Movement of a pupil, in say English, does not imply movement in mathematics. The groupings are independent of each other.

Some pupils in Year 7 start to follow, for 4 lessons a week, a course in a second foreign language, German or Spanish. Other pupils will not begin a second foreign language as they follow a course in literacy and numeracy. The literacy and numeracy course is designed to offer support for pupils who have shown a general weakness in mathematics or English, or both. The decision concerning which pupils should follow the literacy and numeracy course during Years 7 to 9 is made by the relevant staff towards the end of the summer term of Year 6 when all the information needed to make a considered judgement is fully available.

At the moment we are still collecting assessment information in English and maths, and the literacy and numeracy groups have not yet been decided. However, it would be helpful for me to know if there is a particular reason why your child should study German or Spanish; please let me know

in writing by Friday, 10th June. We will try to accommodate the request where there is an apposit reason provided. Obviously, if we think your child would benefit from our literacy /numeracy programme we will inform you before the end of term.

Yours faithfully

M A Makin

Director of Studies

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