11 February 2016

Dear Parents

As you are aware our Year 6 pupils are involved in a year long citizenship project.

We firmly believe that is important that our pupils are aware of the work being carried out in the wider community to help keep us safe. With this is mind we have organised two visits out of school to take place over the next two terms. Firstly, on the mornings of 23rd and 24th February our pupils will visit the J&B Recycling Centre in Hartlepool. The pupils will take a tour of the recycling facilities. The pupils will cover a number of different topics and be able to consider recycling in the context of how human activity uses energy and natural resources, and how these affect local and global environments, including their effect on global patterns of climate change. One class will visit on Tuesday and the second class on Wednesday. The children will travel on the school minibuses, accompanied by 2 members of staff, leaving school at 10am and returning in time for lunch.

On Monday, 16th May the whole year group will visit the RNLI in Redcar to meet Tony Jameson. Pupils will learn about the importance of being safe and avoiding danger around open water and find out about the invaluable work carried out by the RNLI. The pupils will be taken to Redcar by school minibus during normal school hours accompanied by two members of staff. If time allows we may visit RNLI shop so pupils may bring a small amount of money with them if they wish. If the weather is inclement on this day it is advisable that pupils bring with them their waterproof coat.

For both visits staff will carry a first aid kit with them. Normal school will rules apply, including the wearing of school uniform and the prohibition of sweets, chewing gum and electronic games. Pupils are covered by the School’s insurance policy. A full risk assessment has been undertaken by the group leaders. The trip will be subject to the conditions as set out in the Parent Contract. Personal items such as, personal stereos, iPods or cameras are not allowed. The school cannot be held responsible for the care of these items if any pupil brings them, and insurance will not cover them.

We endeavour to take photographs on as many school trips as possible, please visit our website, Facebook and twitter pages to view a selection of photographs. Please ensure if your child suffers from asthma or severe allergic reactions their inhaler/medication/epipen is with them, if they do not have them, they will be unable to go on the trip.

There is no charge attached to any of these visits. If you have any concerns regarding any of these events please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Miss T White

Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator

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