10 June 2016

Dear Parents

Year 8 Geography/Biology Trip

We are planning to take Year 8 pupils to Robin Hoods Bay on a combined geography and biology trip on Thursday 23rd June. We will leave school at 9am travelling on the school minibuses and returning to school at approximately 4pm. Activities pupils will take part in on the day will consist of; a study of a rocky foreshore ecosystem, a profile transect of the beach and an investigation into the geology of the area.

The trip is covered by the school’s insurance policy and a qualified first aider will accompany the pupils on this trip. A full risk assessment has been undertaken by the group leaders. The trip will be subject to the conditions as set out in the Parent Contract. Please ensure if your child suffers from asthma or severe allergic reactions their inhaler/medication/epipen is in school, if they do not have them, they will be unable to go on the trip. Pupils are not allowed to bring any personal items such as personal stereos, mobile phones or cameras as there is a risk of these being damaged or lost; school staff cannot take responsibility for such items. We endeavour to take photographs on as many school trips as possible, please visit our website, facebook and twitter pages to view a selection of photographs.

Pupils should wear their school PE kit for the day. Although the trip is taking place in the summer, the weather may still be cold and/or wet. It will therefore be necessary for your son/daughter to bring their school hooded sweatshirt and their school waterproof jacket. They will also need a small rucksack which they can carry easily whilst working. In the event of the weather being sunny your son/daughter will need to wear sun cream and a hat as they will be outside all day.

There is also the distinct possibility that they will get wet feet when taking part in the ecosystem study, therefore if possible pupils should wear wellington boots. If they do not have these, pupils must bring a spare pair of shoes and socks and wear old trainers whilst conducting field work.

Packed lunches will be provided by the school kitchens, so there is no need for pupils to bring money other than a small amount of pocket money, as there may be the chance to buy an ice cream or souvenirs, although we cannot guarantee there will be time for this.

Pupils will be spending the whole day working in a coastal environment. We therefore request your support in emphasising to them the importance of staying close to supervising staff at all times, and of good behaviour.

For this purpose we have attached A Code of Conduct. It is necessary above all to ensure the health and safety of the whole party. Please discuss the rules with your child before both signing to show that your child is aware of the need to follow these guidelines and to cooperate with staff and other pupils at all times. Please return the Code of Conduct as soon as possible.

If you have any queries regarding this trip please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Yours faithfully

Mr T Makin                                                       Mrs S Lindsay-Symington

Director of Studies                                            Head of Biology

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