04 June 2014

Dear Parents


Sports Day for Years 4, 5 and 6 will be held at Red House on Tuesday 17th June, the field events commencing at 1.00pm on the main school field, track events starting at 2.30pm.

The programme below shows you the schedule for the day and we would be delighted to see as many parents as possible during the course of the afternoon. To help reduce disruption in the changing rooms, all pupils must come to school in full PE kit.

Parents are requested to park on the tennis courts but are urged to show due caution as power assisted steering can damage the surface of the tennis courts.

We envisage the event will finish at 4.00pm, therefore, Y4 pupils will need to be collected later than normal on this occasion. Refreshments will be served.

Yours faithfully

Miss M Sweeney

Head of Physical Education


FIELD EVENTS  –  1.00 pm   

Event          –           HIGH JUMP              LONG JUMP                 R/C BALL

1.00pm                        Y6                               Y5                               Y4

1.30pm                        Y5                               Y4                               Y6

2.00pm                        Y4                               Y6                               Y5

TRACK EVENTS  –   2.30 pm     

  1. Y4 GIRLS                   400M
  2. Y4 BOYS                   400M
  3. Y5 GIRLS                   80M
  4. Y5 BOYS                   80M
  5. Y6 GIRLS                   80M
  6. Y6 BOYS                   80M
  7. Y4 GIRLS                   200M
  8. Y5 GIRLS+BOYS        600M
  9. Y6 GIRLS+BOYS        600M
  10. Y4 GIRLS                   70M
  11. Y4 BOYS                    70M
  12. Y5 GIRLS                   200M
  13. Y5 BOYS                    200M
  14. Y6 GIRLS                   200M
  15. Y6 BOYS                    200M
  16. Y4                              RELAY
  17. Y5                              RELAY
  18. Y6                              RELAY


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