01 December 2015

Dear Parent

Year 8 and 9 visit to Infinite Air in Durham

As part of my role as team leader at key stage 3 I have arranged for year 8 and Year 9 to visit Infinite Air in Durham. Infinite Air is the UK’s largest indoor Trampoline and Freerun park, consisting of 80 linked trampolines. This will be an excellent opportunity to develop team building skills and should be an enjoyable activity.

Pupils should wear suitable clothing (jogging bottoms or leggings, long sleeved top and/or hoodie) for this activity.

Year 8 pupils

Pupils will visit Infinite Air on Monday 7th December. We will leave school at 10am and return at 12:30p.m. Year 8 pupils should come in to school in their home clothes and bring their uniform with them to change in to before lunch. They should also bring their school bags and equipment for lesson 1 and lessons 7-9.

Year 9 pupils

Pupils will visit Infinite Air on Wednesday 9th December, leaving school at 2pm and returning to school at 3:30p.m. Year 9 should come to school in their uniform and change in to home clothes at morning break. Year 9 pupils will need their school bags and equipment for lessons 1-5.

Pupils will be transported to Infinite Air on the School minibus.

The cost of this visit will be £7:95. This includes the cost of a 1 hour trampolining session and each pupil will be provided with a pair of non-slip socks. The cost of this visit will be added to your fee bill.

The staff at Infinite Air will deliver a 5 minute safety briefing to the pupils before the session begins. Mr Thorogood holds a level 2 Teacher Trampolining Certificate and he will accompany the trip, coaching the pupils alongside staff at Infinite Air. A full risk assessment has been undertaken by the group leaders. A qualified first aider will accompany the pupils. Please ensure if your child suffers from asthma or severe allergic reactions their inhaler/medication/epipen is in school, if they do not have them, they will be unable to go on the trip. The trip will be subject to the conditions as set out in the Parent Contract, and will be covered by the school’s insurance policy.

We endeavour to take photographs on as many school trips as possible, please visit our website, Facebook and twitter pages to view a selection of photographs.

If you have any questions regarding this visit please do not hesitate to contact me either via the school office or email lara.roberts@redhouseschool.co.uk

Year 8 and 9 have had a positive term and I hope that they see this as a reward for their good behaviour and positive attitude towards their studies.

Please complete the reply slip below and return along with the attached waiver form as without it your child will not be able to participate.

Yours faithfully

Mrs L Roberts

KS3 Team Leader

Year 8 and 9 visit to Infinite Air in Durham

Name of pupil …………………………………………………………………………………   Form ………………

I agree to my son / daughter taking part in the visit to Infinite Air.

I understand that a charge of £7.95 will be added to my Spring Term account

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