In Year 3 children start their Key Stage 2 education in the warm and vibrant Nursery and Infant school and are taught by the class teacher. They follow a similar programme of education to Years 1 & 2, except that Science is taught as a discrete subject. They have games lessons at the Main School where they have access to the excellent facilities. This enables the transition between Year 3 & 4 to be smooth and calm, as well as an exciting change to look forward to.

As Year 3 pupils are the oldest pupils in the Nursery & Infant School they have many responsibilities which in other schools would be given to pupils in their last year of Key Stage 2. Year 3 pupils relish the opportunities of leading all school events, hosting visitors on Open Days, organising playground activities, organising recycling, running the Pupil Council and arranging charity events.

Years 4 – 6 – see Preparatory & Senior my essay online