Music plays an important part in the life of the Junior School pupils. Children enjoy a range of musical activities and experiences throughout their time at Red House. Their lessons include listening, singing, movement and music making with emphasis placed on participation by all.

During the year, there are special occasions when children perform musical items. Our Christmas service is a much loved occasion, with each class singing their own song and playing an important part in the proceedings. Year 3 provide musical accompaniments to many of the songs, and take the main acting roles.

At the end of the year Red House includes musical items in the Festival of Achievement, with lively performances from all of the year groups, and some individual and group instrumentalists.

All children in Year 2 are taught to play the recorder in lessons, but they may also take individual lessons from specialist musical staff. At present, we have children learning piano, cello, clarinet and violin within the Nursery and Infant School.

Year 3 have additional ‘choir time’ and sometimes offer their own musical concert at the end of the summer term, for family and friends to enjoy. They also have the option to attend an after school Music Club where they can play together in a musical group.

Red House Junior School has a musical workshop during the year to enhance appreciation of music from different cultures.

Each year a musical production is staged within the school and children in Year 3 are given the chance to sing in the chorus. This is an exciting opportunity to take part in a whole school activity, helping children to feel at home in the Main School buildings and to meet children in other parts of the school.