Red House is a small school and many parents value this.  It is, however, an inevitable consequence of our small size that we cannot seek to be all things to all people.  For this reason we have to be selective.

In the upper part of the school we offer only one curriculum leading to 9 or 10 GCSE’s with teaching targeted at Grade C and above.  All pupils entering the school must have the potential to benefit from this curriculum.  All pupils are thus assessed before a place in the school can be confirmed.  This assessment is not normally competitive except for entry to Year 7 where demand for any places is high. Red House would normally look for evidence that a pupil is securely within the top 50% of the ability range.

All teaching up to the end of Year 6 is in two balanced, mixed ability groups. The vast majority of pupils go right through the school from Nursery to GCSE.

To ensure that we help every pupil to achieve their full potential, Red House conducts regular tests of both potential and performance.  It is our aim that these should be rigorous but unobtrusive.  The testing will not dominate the school and in many cases, where it is simply routine, we will not inform parents.

Nursery pupils are accommodated in their own area, with an overall teacher in charge supported by highly qualified and experienced Nursery Nurses. Each child is allocated a key person.

Pupils in Reception to Year 3 are taught as two balanced classes, each with their own teacher.  Physical education and music lessons are taught by specialist teachers from Nursery through to Year 3.

Developing Reading Skills

Parent download > Developing Early Reading Skills by Mrs Gillian Summers