The Junior School is set in extensive grounds adjacent to St. Mary’s Church overlooking picturesque Norton Green.

We are proud to have our very own enchanted outdoor classroom, a stimulating environment full of adventures and exploration. We include elements of Forest School and cross curriculum activities to bring learning to life.

Our tranquil Zen Den allows children to practise techniques to build awareness of their minds and emotions. Learning how to be emotionally aware and building resilience are important skills, helping them throughout their educational journey and life beyond Red House.

We use digital technologies to engage pupils and spark their imaginations. Our spacious and modern ICT suite allows pupils to develop their digital literacy, ensuring they understand the technology and use it safely and effectively.

Five Red House School pupils are in the outdoor classroom where they are sat around a fire with a teacher roasting marshmallows.

Two Red House School pupils are in the Zen Den looking at a jar full of water and glitter

Red House School pupil is sat at a computer in the ICT suite. In the background there is three other pupils working on computers