We will do everything we reasonably can to allow able pupils with special educational needs to succeed at this curriculum, however, it must be remembered that we are not a specialist school for pupils with learning or behavioural difficulties.  Such schools exist and they can provide a more professional service for such pupils.

Red House employs an experienced classroom teacher who acts as Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO).

Red House, like all schools, maintains a Special Needs Register to record and to track the progress of pupils about whom concern has been expressed.

If either the school or parents are concerned that a child may have learning difficulties then parents will be put in touch with the Dyslexia Institute who can organise appropriate testing with an Educational Psychologist.   Parents pay the relevant fee.  The school reserves the right to require parents to have their child assessed but this would rarely be necessary as parents, teachers, the SENCO and the Dyslexia Institute work closely together.

Red House acts as an ‘outpost’ for the Dyslexia Institute and a specialist teacher of pupils with specific learning difficulties employed by the Dyslexia Institute provides one-to-one tuition for such pupils.  Parents pay the Dyslexia Institute for these sessions which involve withdrawal from mainstream lessons.  Parents must appreciate that not everyone can be given a choice of when they wish their lesson to be!

At the end of Year 6, the school will make the decision as to whether a pupil needs extra support in Literacy and Numeracy.  In Years 7, 8 and 9 these pupils will follow a course in Literacy and Numeracy.