These guidelines are produced to help make sure pupils travel between home and School safely and reliably.

At The Bus Stop

  • Always arrive in good time.
  • You should wait on the pavement, in a safe position well back from the road. You must behave sensibly without upsetting local residents or endangering other pedestrians and traffic.
  • Don’t go near the vehicle until it has stopped.
  • Do not push to get on the bus.

On The Bus

  • Find a seat quickly without pushing. You must wear your seatbelt.
  • You must listen to the driver and do as he or she says. The driver’s job is to drive the bus safely, not to supervise young people on the vehicle.
  • Do not move about the bus except when it has stopped.
  • You must not misbehave when you are on the transport. This is dangerous and could distract the driver. If you need to say something important wait until it is safe to do so.
  • Report any incident or accident to the driver when safe to do so, preferably when the vehicle has stopped.
  • You must not eat or drink on the transport. Take any litter off the bus with you.
  • Do not damage or leave graffiti on the vehicle, spit, or interfere with emergency doors, safety belt fastenings or window fittings. Your parents will be charged for any damage which you cause.
  • Do not use bad language.
  • Keep the gangway and emergency doors clear so that other people can leave the vehicle safely.
  • If there is an accident or breakdown, stay calm and quiet and follow the driver’s instructions.

At Your Destination

  • You must not try to get off the bus until it has stopped.
  • You must make sure that you have all your belongings, such as bags, coats and litter, as you leave the vehicle. If you have forgotten something you should contact the School office.
  • You must not try to get back on the vehicle after you have got off it, in case it moves off suddenly.
  • Older pupils should help to see that younger pupils are well clear of the vehicle after they have got off the bus.
  • You must not cross the road close to the front or rear of a bus or any other vehicle. You must be able to see clearly both ways. Where possible, use a pedestrian crossing.
  • Remember – be polite and courteous at all times. You are representing yourself, your family and your school.
  • Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and action will be taken if you do not follow these guidelines. In serious cases, or following the issuing of warnings, the School reserves the right to suspend or disallow the right of an individual to use the bus service. Your parent or guardian will then be responsible for transporting you to School.

Parents and Guardians

  • Where necessary, and for all Junior School pupils, please ensure that children are accompanied to the bus stop or agreed pickup point. Make sure they arrive in good time, and are supervised until the bus arrives. If your child is unaccompanied please ensure they follow a safe route to the bus stop and that they know the safest crossing places.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your child is booked on the school bus, via Claire Bellerby, Head of Admissions.
  • Your child has been allocated to a particular vehicle. It is important that they travel on this and not any other vehicle. It is important that the School and bus operator knows who is on the vehicle in case of accident or emergency.
  • If your child wishes to bring a friend home with them, a special arrangement should be made through Mrs Bellerby.  This is to ensure that there is a space for them, and that they are covered for insurance purposes.
  • Please make your child aware of the dangers of behaving in a disorderly way. Please ask them to act sensibly whilst on the vehicle and at the bus stop, for their own and others’ safety.
  • Where necessary, ensure that your child is met when the transport returns from School.
  • Where transport is provided to or from your home, please be ready in good time to meet the vehicle and, if necessary, assist your child into, or out of, the vehicle.
  • Make sure your child knows what to do if the transport is late or does not arrive.
  • Help drivers to do their job of getting children to their destinations safely. Please ask your child to show the driver respect and follow any instructions he or she may give. Please encourage them, also, to remain seated at all times and wear a seat belt when fitted. Drivers’ primary function is to transport children from home to School. They may not be able to do this if children misbehave on the vehicle. Please Note – you will be held responsible for any vandalism by your child. It will be treated as criminal damage.
  • Please notify Mrs Bellerby immediately of any changes to your circumstances and if your child no longer needs the bus.
  • If you have any concerns about school transport contact Mrs Bellerby at the school.

Disciplinary Procedures Following Breach of the Code of Conduct

Following report of an incident of unacceptable behaviour or such behaviour that contravenes the School transport code of conduct, the incident will be investigated. If we find one or a group of pupils is at fault, we will contact their parents or guardians to inform them what has happened and the action we are taking. Depending on the seriousness of the incident, and the history of any previous incidents the pupil has been involved in, the course of action may be:
1. Warning letter 2. Final warning letter 3. Suspension or ban from School transport
In the event of a suspension or ban it will be the parent or guardian’s responsibility to take their child to and from School. The contractor and School will be informed of the action taken so that they can ensure that any suspension or ban is upheld. In cases or criminal behaviour the police will be informed.

The School’s Commitment

We will:

  • Deal with your queries and requests promptly.
  • Provide contractors with up-to-date information on pupils authorised to travel on their buses.
  • Plan journeys to minimise journey times whilst providing a cost-effective and efficient service.
  • Investigate thoroughly and impartially all incidents reported and complaints made. We will respond to the complainant as soon as the investigation is complete.
  • Regularly monitor the safety and quality of School transport: safety of School transport is our primary concern.
  • Treat everyone equally and fairly, according to the conditions of our policies and contracts.

As parent or guardian, please take the time to read the document thoroughly. Please email for a parental consent form which should be completed and returned to Mrs Claire Bellerby.