Message from the Chair

“Red House School is unique. Since 1929 the School has been successfully providing a broad educational and sporting background whilst maintaining its status and reputation in an increasingly competitive market place.

Red House continues not only to thrive but to grow and develop which is down to the huge efforts of the head, her staff and, yes, the pupils and parents. Red House is still essentially run by its parents.

As Chairman of the School’s Governing body I can assure you that it is our determination and intention to keep developing the school, to keep improving results, performances and facilities and to keep providing you all with a School that we are all proud of.”

Victoria Duncan
Chair of the Board of Governors

Red House School
36 The Green
Stockton on Tees
TS20 1DX

How to Become a Member of the Board of Governors

Information is sent out to parents prior to the AGM. To stand for election for the Board of Governors a parent must be a member of the Company and must be proposed and seconded by other members.

Parents are advised to discuss the matter in advance with an existing member of the Board of Governors. Please email the Head or telephone the School Office on 01642 553370 if you wish to contact a member of the Board of Governors.

It is important to remember that the Board of Governors does require parents with expertise to contribute to the running of the School as a business.

Members of the Red House School Board of Governors

Mr V Bedi
Mr J Robson MBE
Honorary President
Honorary Vice-President
Miss Victoria Duncan

Mr Neil Simpson

Mr Stuart Blackett
Mrs Leanne Boyd-Smith
Mr Sean Costigan
Mrs Liz Elwell
Dr Fiona Hunt
Col Jeremy Henning
Mrs Kate Huddart
Mr Ken James
Prof Amar Rangan
Mr Guy Taylor