Careers Education and Guidance is taught in Years 9, 10 and 11 as a separate lesson and as part of the Life Studies programme. In each of these year groups one lesson per week is used for Careers education.

The Careers programme adheres to the DFES Framework and upholds the three aims of CEAG (Careers Education, Advice and Guidance):

1. Self-development through careers and work-related education
2. Finding out about careers and the world of work
3. Developing skills for career wellbeing and employability

Through this programme we prepare pupils for life beyond the classroom, offering them opportunities to become acquainted with the types of decisions and choices which will face them in the future. We encourage pupils to take an active role in their own career learning as well as providing them with excellent support from dedicated teachers in CEAG.

Pupils are provided with independent guidance from Youth Directions Careers Advisor Carol Fellows. Additionally, pupils attend Tees Valley Skills – a careers event involving the leading providers of work, education and training in the local area. Those interested in pursuing a career in the world of finance or business take part in the ICAEW business competition held at Stockton Sixth Form College. Other events and a programme of guest speakers take place throughout the year to raise awareness of different careers and the world of work.