Co-curricular Activities

We have a wide range of activities available to the pupils at Red House School. Some of these take place before school starts, others during break and lunch times and others after school.

Activities include drama; music activities from choirs to ensembles to full orchestra; public speaking, including progression to LAMDA awards; technology and karting clubs for those with an inner Clarkson; a puzzle club and chess club for those who want to exercise their intellectual muscles; Latin and other languages, including Italian, Russian and Mandarin in recent years, for the aspiring ancient or modern linguists; the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme; a whole range of sporting activities which include orienteering, cross country, netball, rugby, football, cricket, tennis, hockey, rounders and athletics; a Green Club for those who wish to involve themselves in environmental issues and we recently laid on a cooking club for all the budding Hestons and Jamies at the school.

Whatever interest the pupils may have, the chances are that there will be a club available where they can share their interests and time with like-minded enthusiasts.


The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is widely recognised in society as playing a valuable role in a young person’s personal development. Taking part in the Scheme relays many benefits to pupils including: the development of self-confidence and self-reliance; gaining a sense of achievement and sense of responsibility; taking the opportunity to discover new skills, interests and talents; and develop leadership skills and abilities.

At Red House, pupils are encouraged to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme where they can discover exciting opportunities, experience teamwork, problem-solving and decision-making. Taking part in organised events increases pupils’ motivation, self-esteem and enhances their communication skills.  Pupils have the opportunity to develop their outdoor skills such as orienteering, map reading and navigation and team building skills, ultimately leading to a Final Expedition, which puts into practice all the skills learned throughout the year.

Musical Opportunities

Music is taught through all stages of the curriculum and is a major part of the school’s co-curricular activities. Pupils sing, play instruments, listen and learn to compose music in class. These activities allow children’s musical talents and creativity to grow in an environment that also develops their social skills and self-confidence.  Many pupils decide to deepen their musical experience by learning to play an instrument or taking singing lessons in school.   Visiting instrumental teachers provide tuition on orchestral and contemporary instruments.  If you would like your child to have instrumental or singing lessons in School please contact the Director of Music, Mr Gordon McReddie.

There are numerous ensembles including a Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Orchestra, Guitar and Saxophone groups. Other groups held for specific concerts include a Flute choir, a Jazz Ensemble and Folk Band. Concerts are held in the autumn and summer terms. A major annual musical production involving around a hundred pupils runs for four nights at Easter. Musicians also perform during the at School Carol Services at Christmas.

During the Spring term, Red House hosts its annual ‘Talent’ Show, providing the stage for all budding musicians from classical to rock band performances.