Red House offers a broad academic curriculum, taught by professional and committed teaching staff, all highly qualified in their subject speciality. Class sizes are small and pupils are encouraged to set themselves high standards.

In the upper part of the school we offer only one curriculum leading to 9 or 10 GCSE’s with teaching targeted at Grade C and above.  All pupils entering the school must have the potential to benefit from this curriculum.  All pupils are thus assessed before a place in the school can be confirmed.  This assessment is not normally competitive except for entry to Year 7 where demand for any places is high.

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 classes remain together as tutor groups but are each taught by specialist teachers. In Year 7 and above, the balanced, mixed ability tutor groups remain together but setting by performance is introduced.  All main subjects are able to set independently, according to a pupil’s performance in that subject.

Further information on subject options can be accessed via the GCSE Options page