The Art Department has a very special role in any school, as it is an area of the curriculum that allows every pupil to communicate in a very personal way. Pupils are taught skills of observation; problem solving and decision-making through shared visual experiences, which enable personal visions to be externalised.

We are passionate about the importance of art and design as a distinctive mode of understanding, participating directly in intellectual and affective development

We believe that the most important task for the art teacher is to nurture and support confidence and enthusiasm for first-hand research and discovery.

The Art department endeavours to help pupils understand and use the language of aesthetics. This helps enable pupils to comprehend the nature and function of art forms within the context of their own work, within an historical context and within the context of their own environment and culture. Perceptual skills needed to comprehend and respond to art/design forms and the visual environment are actively encouraged.

Art can improve the quality of a pupil’s learning at Red House by improving their abilities to think, perceive, make decisions and work through problems. Specific aims of the Art department include the following objectives:

  • to enable pupils to become visually literate to use and understand art as a form of communication and to have confidence and competence in reading and evaluating visual images and artefacts;
  • to develop particular creative and technical skills so that ideas can be realised and artefacts produced;
  • to develop pupils’ design capability;
  • to develop pupils’ capacity to learn about and observe the world in which they live;to develop pupils’ ability
  • to value the contribution made by artists, craftspeople and designers and to respond thoughtfully, critically and imaginatively to ideas, images and objects of many kinds and from many cultures.

Pupils in Year 6-9 follow schemes of work in the guidance of the national curriculum in the areas of 2D and 3D design.

At GCSE level, pupils follow the AQA Unendorsed specification which allows pupils to work in a number of areas of 2D and 3D art and design.  Pupils will complete 3 coursework projects set over years 10 and 11, covering 60 % of their final grade. Pupils will then complete a final GCSE exam in Year 11 which is completed over 10 hours with 4 weeks preparatory time.

To enhance their studies and develop an awareness of the subject, pupils make regular visits to galleries and attend workshops designed to develop creative skills and talent.