Red House is proud to have a Music School which features a recording studio, rehearsal space and practice rooms. Music is taught through all stages of the curriculum and is a major part of the school’s co-curricular activities.  Pupils sing, play instruments, listen and learn to compose music in class. These activities allow children’s musical talents and creativity to grow in an environment that also develops their social skills and self-confidence. Many pupils decide to deepen their musical experience by learning to play an instrument or taking singing lessons in school.

All year groups study music through listening, performing and composing activities. In Years 6-9 they sing in unison and harmony, learn to play keyboards, compose melodies, accompaniments and rhythms using Sibelius software and listen critically to different styles of music. Recording equipment is used so that they can hear their own performances. Projects include fanfares, marches, waltzes, variations, and popular songs. The AQA syllabus is followed at GCSE level. Listening extracts focus on the elements of music and cover a large variety of genres and styles. Pupils compose two extended compositions based on selected areas of study. They also record solo and ensemble performances.

Red House provides a wealth of opportunities for music making. Approximately one third of suitably-aged pupils take singing lessons or learn an instrument. A team of visiting staff provide individual half-hour tuition in voice and on string, guitar, piano, drums, woodwind and brass instruments. Many students achieve a high standard in practical music examinations. The London College of Music syllabus is followed for percussion and the Associated Board syllabus for all other instruments.

There are numerous ensembles including a Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Orchestra and Junior Orchestra . Other groups held for specific concerts include a Flute choir, Rock Bands, a Jazz Ensemble and Folk Band. Concerts are held in the Autumn and Summer Terms. An annual musical production or drama evening (incorporating some music) is held in the Summer Term. The Senior School Carol Service is held in Stockton Parish Church each December.